Past Masters of Unity Lodge No. 58

If you have a better photo or a photo of a Past Master of whom we do not have a photo we would like to be able to copy it.

Also welcome is biographical information. (We do have some more photos which we intend to add.)

Benj. Ames 1879-80-1911
DDGM 1882-83
JGW 1886
Joseph H. Brown 1881-82 J. N. Tilton 1883-84 Albert W. Ward 1885-86-90-91
DDGM 1897-98
Edwin Cornforth 1887 Ezra M. Hamilton 1888-89 Edwin H. Littlefield 1892-93 Elisha P. Webster 1894-95-1916
DDGM 1917
Alonzo H. Higgins 1896-97 Charles P. Hutchins 1898Phineas P. Shibles 1899 Alden J. Whitney 1900-01
Lincoln G. Monroe 1902-03William Farwell 1904-05-17Elden A. Ward 1906Benj. P. Hurd 1907-08

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