Past Masters of Unity Lodge No. 58

Daniel Weed 1828 to 1849William McGray 1850 James Weed 1851-56-60*
*was DDGM for 1/2 year
Samuel B. Dodge 1852
Jonathan Winslow 1853-55 Harrison McDonald 1857 Jonathan H. Fuller 1858 Thomas R. Clement 1859-60*-61-62
*was DDGM for 1/2 year
Raymond Rich 1863-64-65-72 Henry Thompson 1866-67 J. D. Lamson 1868-70 N.A. Luce 1869
Benj. Williams, 2nd 1871-73-74Addison Weed 1875Dr. Joseph C. Whitney 1876-77Addison B. Sparrow 1878

If you have a better photo or a photo of a Past Master of whom we do not have a photo we would like to be able to copy it.
These would include (with year(s) they served) Daniel Weed 1828-1849, James Weed 1851-56-60, Samuel B. Dodge 1852, Jonathan Winslow 1853-55, Harrison McDonald 1857, J. H. Fuller 1858, Raymond Rich 1863-64-65-72, J. D. Lamson 1868-70, N.A. Luce 1869, Benj. Williams II 1871-73-74, Addison Weed 1875, Benj. Ames 1879-80-1911, Albert W. Ward 1885-86-90-91, Eza Hamilton 1888-89, Phineas P. Shibles 1899, A. R. Murch 1912-13, Charles R. Bowley 1924, Percy F. Bessey 1928, Isaiah J. Jackson 1933, Harding P. Bryant 1936, Freemont K. Downer 1946, Lester M. Jackson 1947, Coyt M. Ingraham 1949-50, Malcolm C. Blanchard 1951, Wendell P. Noyes l954, John S. Hall 1955, Adrie Giggey 1956, Vaughn E. Hurd 1957, Claude L. Bessey, Jr. 1958, Robert A. Goodale 1960, Bert L. Perkins 1961, Clayton A. Giggey 1962, Donald W. Maxim 1963, Roland D. Overlook 1964, Paul E. McFarland 1965, Carl H. Perkins 1966, Clayton H. Wentworth 1967, Ernest J. Bartels 1968, Clayton K. Downer 1971 Henry T. Cook 1973, Al L. Chase 1977, Donald L. Spaulding 1980-81, Harold W. Emerson Jr. 1984-85, Earl W. Littlefield 1989-90, Rodney W. Ingraham 1993-94, and Paul R. Connelly 1995-96.

Also welcome is biographical information. (We do have some more photos which we intend to add.) Most of them would have lived in Thorndike, Freedom or Knox, Maine.

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