Summons September 2006
The Worshipful Master’s Tracing Board
Regular meeting: September 20th 7:30pm (Third Wednesday of the Month).
6:30 p.m. Potluck Supper
Brethren Please; make an effort to attend to the summons.
Standing Agenda

Reading and confirming minutes, Reports of Committees, Reading correspondence, Passing Accounts, Receiving petitions, General business, Balloting and Work of the evening.

If anyone knows of any brothers who are sick or in distress please notify the Master; Mayo Cookson, Jr. (207) 437-2655 or
Secretary; Karl D. Julian (207) 568-3119
Work of the evening

Schedule building maintenance for the year. Progress thus far?, Follow up on Strawberry Banquet. Discuss the Masonic Leadership Conference at Castine. And follow up on the Masonic Ambassador Program.

Coming event.

Building Maintenance: 0800 am to 1200pm noon each Saturday . Call the Master or Secretary for conformation.

20 September 2006; 6:30pm Potluck 7:30pm Unity Lodge Fellow Craft Degree?? Followed by business.
23 September 2006; 4:30pm – 6:30pm Supper Belfast Armory. “Benefit Waldo County Hospice”.
18 October 2006;
6:30pm Potluck 7:30pm Unity Lodge Stated.

Note: We Unity Lodge have in our passion the 12th Masonic District Traveling Gavel. Lets see who makes the effort to get it . It takes at least 5 (five) Brothers to take possession of it, a number of Lodges are after it so let’s hope for a crowd.


From Your Secretary: Please help me keep the records straight by informing me of any change of address, change of status, etc. It also helps if you send your dues payments in early so that I do not have the extra burden of chasing delinquent members. ….2007 Dues Cards are available…. I am basically a lazy person and I do not want to be required to send out a lot of correspondence to members regarding past due Dues payments. Begging a Brother to pay his dues, is not pleasant - is time consuming and costly. Please have the courtesy to answer any correspondence that I send so there is no duplication of effort. Thank you to the Brethren who enclose a donation along with their dues. At present there are 8 members without their current dues card. Equals $440.00 owing the Lodge, Brother if you do not have a 2006 dues card you have been and are delinquent.. For an application to give to someone you feel might like to join the craft, please obtain one from the Secretary or any of the Lodge Officers.

Masonic Thought

Flattery is like chewing gum – enjoy it briefly,
But don’t swallow it.

Life is unchartered territory. It reveals.
Its story one moment at a time.

The secret of getting ahead
is getting started.

Masonic Bits and Pieces

Wisdom is knowing what to do next,
Skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue
Is doing it.
----David Jordan

Masonic Bits and Pieces.

A clever, imaginative, humorous
Request can open closed doors
And closed minds.
----Percy Ross---

Attest: Karl D. Julian, SecretaryMayo Cookson Jr., Master
Karl D.Julian Mayo Cookson

From the old records:

Sept. 8th, 1859. A petition from Chs. Owen was received, balloted on and he was initiated with T. R. Clement in the East. J. D. Cram (whose application had been received previously) was balloted for and initiated with Br. Dockham (who visited as Grand Lecturer in 1856) in the East. “W.M. appointed a Special Meeting a week from tomorrow evening at 5 oc P.M.” This may be the first time it is specified who was in the East for degree work.

Masonic District # 12
Website: www.12thdistrictme.org

Monthly Stated Meeting for each Lodge
Note; in your Calendars
First Tuesday: Star in the West Lodge # 85; Unity, Maine. Dark June, July & August.
First Wednesday: Central Lodge # 45; China, Maine. Dark July & August.
First Thursday: Siloam Lodge # 92; Fairfield, Maine. Dark July & August.
Second Monday: Waterville Lodge # 33; Waterville, Maine. Dark July & August.
Second Tuesday: Neguemkeag-Vassalboro Lodge # 54; Vassalboro, Maine. Dark July & August.
Third Tuesday: Messalonskee Lodge # 113; Oakland, Maine. Dark July & August.
Third Wednesday: Unity # 58; Thorndike, Maine. Dark July & August.
Third Thursday
: Sebasticook Lodge #146; Clinton, Maine. Dark July & August.