Summons October 2007
The Worshipful Master’s Tracing Board
Regular meeting: October 17th at 7:30 p.m. (Third Wednesday of the Month).
Brethren Please; make an effort to attend to the summons
Standing Agenda

Reading and confirming minutes, Reports of Committees, Reading correspondence, Passing Accounts, Receiving petitions,(Hopefully). General business, Balloting and Work of the evening.
If anyone knows of any brothers who are sick or in distress please notify the Master; Mayo Cookson, Jr. (207) 437-2655 or Secretary; Karl D. Julian (207) 568-3119
8:00 am start; Each Saturday Morning; Brethren WE need help with the maintenance of our Building.

Stated Meeting Dates
17th October 2007: 6:30pm Potluck 7:30pm Unity Lodge Stated meeting Regular business. Such other business as may come before the lodge.

22 October 12th District FC School of Instruction - 6:30 supper, 7:30 School at Unity Lodge in Thorndike. Please show your support.

21st November 2007: 6:30pm Potluck 7:30pm Unity Lodge Stated meeting Regular business. And such other business as may come before the lodge.
19th December 2007: 6:30pm Potluck 7:30pm Unity Lodge Annual Meeting Election of Officers for the Year 2008 … Brethren Please We need Help Give consideration of filling a Chair and be a valuable asset to this Lodge.
Note The recent history of Unity Lodge is available on the Lodge web site: http://unitylodge.hutchinsbrothers.com

From Your Secretary: Please help me keep the records straight by informing me of any change of address, change of status, etc. . ….2008 Dues Cards are available…. And will be due by the 1st of January 2008. Members without a 2007 dues card are delinquent.. Those Members TWO or more years in the arrears are subject to Suspension..
For an application to give to someone you feel might like to join the craft, please obtain one from the Secretary or any of the Lodge Officers.

Masonic Thoughts

I’d Rather Watch a Winner


I’d rather watch a winner, than hear one any day

So please, my loving parents let your lives show me the way.

I’m only a reflection of what you taught today I may misunderstand you and the high
Advice you give;

But there’s no misunderstanding how you act and how you live.

So teach me by example, don’t preach about what’s right;

And show me by your actions every day and night.

I know that you’re not perfect, in the things you do and say;
And the lectures you deliver are to help me find my way;
But I’d rather watch a winner, than hear one any day.

Masonic Bits and Pieces


has always been in the forefront of supporting freedom of thought, expression, creativity and religious beliefs. The following quote typifies the Masonic commitment to freedom of religion.

Jasper Ridley in his book The Freemasons quoted from Anderson’ Constitutions in his section on religion and then concluded:

" This opened the Freemasons’ lodges to any one who believed in God, or the ‘Great Architect of the Universe’ as he is called in Anderson’s Constitutions. Roman Catholics were not excluded. They could not be MPs (Members of Parliament), army officers, or hold any public position in the state; but they would be welcome in a Freemasons’ lodge. Jews were also welcome, though they were at first a little reluctant to join. Jews had been admitted, perhaps as early as 1724 and certainly in 1732"
(From The Masonic Information Center of North America.), June 2007

Attest: Karl D. Julian, SecretaryMayo Cookson Jr., Master
Karl D.Julian Mayo Cookson

From the old records:

Oct. 12, 1854. Installation of Officers, "Past Master Wm. McGrey installed J. Winslow, Elect W.M., who thereafter took the East & installed Wm. Ross S.W., Wm. McGrey J.W., T.B. Hussey Sec., Hale Parkhurst Treas., R.S. M (McManus?). J.D., W. Stevenson Marshal." "Voted to pay the Tyler fifty cents per meeting, for each regular communication which he may attend the ensuing year. Special & called off meetings Tiled gratis."

Masonic District # 12
Website: www.12thdistrictme.org

Monthly Stated Meeting for each Lodge
Note; in your Calendars
First Tuesday: Star in the West Lodge # 85; Unity, Maine. Dark June, July & August.
First Wednesday: Central Lodge # 45; China, Maine. Dark July & August.
First Thursday: Siloam Lodge # 92; Fairfield, Maine. Dark July & August.
Second Monday: Waterville Lodge # 33; Waterville, Maine. Dark July & August.
Second Tuesday: Neguemkeag-Vassalboro Lodge # 54; Vassalboro, Maine. Dark July & August.
Third Tuesday: Messalonskee Lodge # 113; Oakland, Maine. Dark July & August.
Third Wednesday: Unity # 58; Thorndike, Maine. Dark July & August.
Third Thursday
: Sebasticook Lodge #146; Clinton, Maine. Dark July & August